Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Cara Box...add some sparkle!

After reading several posts dedicated to this mysterious "cara" box...I decided that I had to find out exactly what it was.  After visiting a few blogs, digging through their archives, and finding new bloggers, I finally arrived at Kaitlyn's blog "Wifessionals."

Kaitlyn (like myself) loves getting packages through snail mail and loved receiving Birchbox.  So she came up with the bloggy world's version of BB. I was hooked once I read about her motivation and of course seeing past pictures of bloggers swapping with each other based on a theme.  You see cara (pronounced car-rah) is a noun meaning beloved friend.  So we bloggers should make new friends and share encouragement with one another. And that is exactly what I did...

This time around I was not just swapping with one was a chain swap.  In hind sight, I wish I would have have swapped with just one girl, because I think I could have gotten to know that one person a lot better in the time frame.  It did get a little hectic, 2 weeks before Christmas communicating with 3 new friends (2 for cara box and 1 for Santa Paws).  But I digress...

So who sent some sparkle to me? A lovely, beautiful stay at home mother of two boys named Chrystal. Her blog is private or I would show her off! Not only is she busy raising her cute kidlets (I saw some Halloween pictures that were presh!) she also runs a small daycare! Such a giving lady! We e-mailed back and forth several times getting to know each other and I must say she used that information in created a GREAT box for me! Let's see it shall we!?!?!

Top left: an adorable glittery holiday decoration.  This was a perfect addition to my glitter mantle.
Top right: pine cone garland, bell door decor, Charleston Chew (my fav!), glitter Santa bucket, doggie ornament, and Sally Hansen glitter polish
Bottom left: a close up of the glitter polish, it is like a fuchsia color called Wedding Crasher
Bottom right: red sparkling Santa hat? YES PLEASE! I wore this all weekend before Christmas.

And the best part of the gift? She didn't forget about Henry Liu.  I say it was the best part because it was the first thing used and the first thing GONE! LOL

Thanks for thinking of my little big furry friend.

Didn't Chrystal do so well? I absolutely loved her generous gift and getting to know her.  I hope to continue to talk to her through the bloggy world and of course our cute Instagram pics!

I sent a Cara Box to another blogger named Jess from Black and White With a Little Bit of Pink and am excited to hear and see what she thought of her sparkling addition!

Cara Box

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!


  1. Great post! It was the craziest Cara Box month for me too!!! But it turned out to be one of the best for me so far. I'm glad you enjoyed the swap!


  2. That mantle box is amazing! This was my first Cara Box exchange and I absoluteley loves it! God bless.

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle

  3. What a fun idea. I have not heard of this before. You got such cute stuff!! Love that nail polish!

  4. I just signed up for this! I can't wait to participate! :)

  5. Just found your blog through the Mustache Diaries, too cute!! I love your blog design!! New follower :)

  6. Found your blog over at the Mustache Diaries! LOVE IT :)

    Newest follower!

  7. Hey I'm over from my girl Marcy she is the JWOWW to my Snooki lol that's what we call each other she is one of my BBFF's and I knew if she loved ya I would so I thought I would stop over and say sup so sup lol!

    I have read so many posts on this idea and thought it was so uber cute I may have to join in on the next one! When is the next box swap? What awesomeness you recieved and awwww how sweet your Henry Lieu looks very pleased with his box of delicious ha!

    I love sparkle and that quote lovely! That nail polish is fabulous I love hot pink and sparkle! The hat is adorbs and how cute is the little blingy Santa Bucket! She did good girl! I love how you wore your hat all the week of Christmas my IRL best friend who just moved to Nashville found a hot pink and zebra hat at Target and suprised me with it and I wore it all of December like everywhere haha I am obsessed with hot pink and zebra so much so that my daughter is and her room is hot pink and zebra lol!

    Love your bloggy newest follower here brought ya up to fifty holla!


  8. I received your box a few nights ago and finally wrote my post! I love everything. :) Thanks so much!