Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crushing on Madewell...gifts for her!

I thought I would share some gift ideas while everyone is in the shopping spirit.  I don't know about you, but I have had a pretty big crush on Madewell lately.  I tend to gravitate towards their accessories more than anything else. Here are 6 gift ideas for her that she is sure to love (obvi, since I do!)

1.  Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet :) Regular price $10.50
2. Studded Friendship Bracelet :) On sale now for $9.50
3. Checked Blanket Scarf :) Regular price $88.00
4. The Ankle Strap Mini Wedge :) One sale now for $110.50
5. Mini Bow Pendant Necklace! :) On sale now for $22.00!
6. Transport Tote :) One sale now for 125.50!

If anyone wants to pick up an extra #6 and send it my way, I wouldn't complain! 


  1. Loving the rhinestone bracelet!

    =) Brooke

    1. Right? I would love 2-3 of them on my wrist to add to my arm candy!