Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 Round Up!

**Disclaimer...I am spoiled by my momma and I know it....just beware of that as you read!

I hope you all had a great holiday...I am still on vacation and will continue to lay around absorbing as much Hulu+ as I possibly can until January 2nd!

My family gathered the weekend before Christmas for our cousin gift exchange.  There was a lot of pizza, movies (Pitch Perfect, WHOOO), air hockey (my arm still hurts), and lovin' on my favorite lil man Carson! He is a Christmas baby so he is definitely lovin' the month of December.

My mom and I ran around like crazy on Christmas Eve trying to finish stocking stuffers, get Christmas dinner food, and the sort.  We had a fun but busy day.
Christmas Eve #OOTD
Once it got dark, I dressed Henry up in his Christmas Eve gear and then we went to look at Christmas lights.  There is one house in my hometown where this lil old man goes so overboard and it is SO FUN.  He even came to the car and talked to Henry. We were lovin' it.  When we got back home it was time for a holiday movie and this year we watched The Family Stone. I had forgotten how sweet and funny it was...and of course I cried.

Once it was bedtime, I set up my mom's Christmas present. She has been talking about having a fireplace in the living room for evaaaaah so I decided this year I would splurge and get her the fireplace. My friend found one on-line at Lowe's that I decided was perfect so I wanted it set up and running when we woke up Christmas morning. It looks good, huh?

Christmas morning was present time and of course holiday movie marathon...Home Alone, The Holiday, and The Family Man. We were pretty lazy...just sat by the lights of the tree and enjoyed the celebration.

Henry of course is as spoiled as he is on an every day basis. He was cute with the gifts...he picked at them and when the wrapping paper was gone...his attention and excitement was too.  HAHA...he is a typical kid huh? Likes the hoopla but then he turns his head! He did like the bully stick a the point that it was gone in like 30 minutes! That is record breaking stuff for him!

One tradition that we do is our stocking exchange.  We go to a store (this year was Walmart) and we split up.  You have to spend $50 and fill the other person's stocking with surprises.  My stocking was jam packed this year...with all kinds of nail and makeup supplies.  I am super excited about the pedicure thingy in the middle.  I need to take care of my feet this winter as I tend to neglect them during the cold months.

I mentioned above that I am a tad spoiled when it comes to my mom...and you are about to see why.  I racked in a lot this year.  Below you see my jewelry gifts this year.  My mom loved shopping at Madewell and got me the sparkly bracelet and mini bow pendant necklace.  She also found another one of the BCBG words bracelet that is so fun.  TRUE cute! :)  My brother got me the elephant scarf from Stella&Dot that I had been eyeing for a long time...with the help from my college roomie, thanks Kristen for helping Santa!

Sephora must have loved seeing my mom coming! Just looky here...I have become quite the health and beauty nut with all the discoveries through blogging and Pinterest!  I finally have the Urban Decay Nake 2 palette! I also got the gelshine Sephora by O.P.I nail kit, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, more Stila lip glosses and sparkly polish.

Needless to say, my Christmas was nice. Very, very nice. :) I hope your's was too!  I have also enjoyed the snowy weather we have had in Ohio.  Henry loves being outside so I took him out in it yesterday to I leave you today with his cuteness.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

PS--my Blogaversary is coming up...ONE YEAR...whoooooooooo!!!!

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  1. I love your tradition of filling up stockings for each other at the store. What a fun idea!

    You got lots of great stuff. :) Go you!