Monday, December 3, 2012

All That Glitters: Sparkle and Kate Spade Confetti Inspiration

It is not a lie to say that I have been a crazy crafter lately.  I see something on Pinterest or a blog and I instantly hop into the mindset of..."Where can I put that?"  It is SAFE to say my house has been a little like Grand Central Station lately...very busy and messy with crafts.  So I welcome you all to my Christmas Craft Central!
This is my first graphic made with Photoshop Elements, how did I do?
When I saw this pin, I really loved the combo it had going on--glitter, lights, confetti. It is so pretty. I was actually shocked when I went to the blog it belonged to and found out she wasn't 100% happy with her craft.  However, it was there when I realized where her inspiration had come from.  Kate Spade.  Who does not love KS and her glitter, confetti, and adorable quotes.  Not to mention her purses, clothes, shoes, accessories, and scents! :)

Twirl: here, plate: here, mug: here, iPhone case: here
This is my second Photoshop Elements collage! :) I am getting better!
So I started a search for any crafts that had been made with the KS confetti inspiration and found this pin.  After further investigation, I realized that I could totally do this too! So off to Hobby Lobby!

My third collage! :) Whoop!
Supplies: gold metallic and gold glitter scrapbook paper (I bought 3 metallic, 1 glitter), canvas mounted on a frame (you can choose the size), and a circle punch (mine was 1.75 inches) from the scrapbooking department.

This is so simple it is crazy easy! You just punch out your circles on all of the paper and you will have an array of confetti circles ready to go.

I made two confetti canvases and had extra circles left over.

There isn't a "trick" or "art" to arranging the circles on the canvas.  I just played around until I thought they looked pretty.

I purposely did not make them identical because my intent was to have them side by side my next craft!

I am very pleased with how the canvases turned out. I even think I will display them after Christmastime.  Before I show you how I chose to display them, I want to share the second craft that I made to sit in-between these sparkly girls.

Do you follow Shanna over at Beacause Shanna Said So?  Shanna dabbled in some Pinterest crafts last week and one of those became my centerpiece for my sparkling, metallic display.
Her Pinterest inspiration pin
Shanna's Pinterest finished craft
While I was in Hobby Lobby, I picked up the supplies for this little treasure.  BTW--Shanna had suggested getting clear glue which I thought would definitely be better than white Elmer's! 

Supplies: gold glitter, canvas mounted on a frame (you can choose any size, I made sure it was taller than my two confetti ones),  hair spray, and a silhouette of a deer (I chose Rudolph instead. Click here for my chosen silhouette.

My canvas was 16 x 20.  I did have to use my copy machine at work to blow up Rudolph to be big enough to cover the space of the canvas.  I recommend buying a smaller canvas if you do not have access to a copier or scanner. I used scissors and an Exacto knife to cut out my stencil and then simply used a pencil to trace it onto the canvas.

I worked my way section by section covering the area with the clear glue and then with gold glitter, until the entire surface was done.  I let it sit for about 5 minutes before shaking off the excess glitter.

I did need to fill it a few gaps, which I followed the same procedure as above. I also used a butter knife to push glitter back inside my traced lines, especially inside the open area between the antlers. Just a trick I thought I would mention.   

After all of the gold glitter was in place, I used hairspray to spray over the sparkly area to hold the glitter in its place.  I actually sprayed Rudolph completely, waited 5 minutes, and then sprayed him again.  I then set him aside to dry for about an hour.  

I used the same circle punch as I did with the confetti circles on red glitter scrapbooking paper to create a perfect circle for Rudolph's nose.  I thought about filling it with glue and glitter, but I really wanted it to be the focal point.  So a perfect red glitter circle nose worked nicely! Notice the punch in the picture is not the one I used.  I had intended to use it but it in the middle of my crafting, I had to drive back to the store to get a new one.  Then I forgot to take a new picture. Oops.

I attached the red nose with a hot glue gun because it was partially getting attached to the plain canvas, but part of it would also be covering the edge of the gold glitter.  

There you have it--Kate Spade confetti canvas art and Glittered Rudolph canvas art.  I displayed them on top of an entertainment center with some other gold and silver accessories and a couple candles.

PS-I have just started to play around with Photoshop Elements.  I am trying a 30 day trial to see if I want to purchase it! If you have any tips or tricks, do share!

I am linking up with Sami for Weekend Update! As I spent time on this each day of my weekend! :) I just love the Christmas spirit!


  1. LOVE your crafts! I am obsessed with Kate Spade and the gold polka dots, too! I absolutely love the Rudolph! I may have to steal that idea!!