Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Filled Weekend!

On Friday night, I purchased a table-top mini blue spruce tree and named him Harold.

On Saturday morning, I decorated Harold with colorful lights.

On Saturday afternoon, I made a very scared Henry pose with Harold, clad in his Santa hat.

On Saturday night, I donned new lips (color is out of my comfort level) and a new scarf. Me likey.

On Saturday night, I baked with my gal pals.  Check out my Crack Brownie Cupcake recipe here.

On Sunday, I cuddled until 10:30am with this beautiful face.

On Sunday, I was in the mood for a a Christmas movie.  You know the ones where it always snows, the world is right, and the guy gets the girl? Luckily for me I had one from last year still on my DVR--I am a DVR hoarder.  ABC Family's 12 Dates of Christmas with Amy Smart and Mr. Zack Morris Mark Paul Glosselaar.  Swoon.

I am linking up with Sami and Leann for Weekend Update, you should too!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh my, thank you! I am always trying to make it look "prettier" or more "smooth" so I def appreciate that!

  2. Stopping by from Weekend Update...your tree, Harold is super cute and your dog is too! I am going to look at that cupcake recipe in just a moment...oh my goodness! And love the scarf and lipstick. Very lovely!

  3. Crack brownie?! I think I need me some of that!!