Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lookin' Adorbs with the Yarnival

Seriously Ladies.

I feel obliged to come to you today with SUPER important information.  I also feel that you should RUN WITH this information. Running in the form of surfing the World Wide Web and spending some hard earned cash on yourself, friends, or family.  

I have always been open with my LOVE for Etsy.  I do not know how I got along without the knowledge of Etsy in my previous 29 years. But I digress.  Today I am introducing you and hopefully persuading you to peruse the shop on Etsy...called... The Yarnival!

Let me introduce you to Leah and Jodi! 

Oh my goodness is this mother-daughter duo is talented. SO TALENTED.  I cannot lie. I have never, ever, ever been disappointed with their products. Hand made products.  

Here is a little about their shop:

I randomly found them last winter while I was looking for cute headgear to wear skiing.  I absolutely hate how I look in a winter hat and being that the mountains are freezing cold...I wanted a fashionable way to keep my ears warm while I ski. Low and behold I found Leah and Jodi! It's strange really how I have this obsession with their products and I have never "walked' in their store. However, if they had one and I could shop there, I would be their #1 customer (at least that is what I tell myself!). 

First purchase: The Prankster Headwrap

Aren't you pulled in instantly to this headwrap? The beautiful knitted black and white combo alone is amazing...but that giant hot pink was love at first sight. I knew I had to have it.  I placed her in my cart and stalked the package until it was in my hands.  Lamely, I loved it so much that the first night I had it I even wore it to bed. Yes. I just admitted that.

This was my very first cowl ever.  I was intrigued when I saw this masterpiece because I just had begun to love the infinity scarf.  So my attention was held when I thought... "How easy! Just place this lovey over your head and pair it with a cute sweater and worry about loops? Strings? Placement? SOLD!"  When it arrived, I was even more excited that I thought I could be.  I absolutely love it.  I wear it on a daily basis with amy hunter green winter coat and I also pair it with sweaters!  Dream On are the cowl of my dreams!

3rd purchase: Kimberly Cowl

I do not think many words are needed for this cowl.  IT IS GORGEOUS.  Late in September, I got to thinking about my beloved shop on Etsy and thought I should check it to see what was new.  Miss Kimberly was staring at me.  I thought... "How can that cowl not be MINE?"  So I jumped right on it.  It is thicker (chunky) than the first cowl I owned but it is also "over sized"-- kind of like double the width.  The width is what I think makes this cowl shine.  It is gorgeous alone with the knitting, but the fact that it has many different natural ways to lay on your shoulders just amazes me.  I even wore it to a late night Ohio State game and it was HUGE in keeping me warm. I LOVE IT!

4th and 5th purchase: Rocky Mountain Cowl & Denim Cowl

Not only do I shop The Yarnival for myself (I am Selfish Sam as my mom says) but I am also gifting it to my friends and family.  First recipient was my bff Jamie.  She has been on the road with her hubby and kidlets for two years now and I wanted to get her a welcome home present that was just for her.  So I had to do a lot of thinking when it came to picking out a cowl for someone else.  She had seen my Dream On cowl last winter, so I knew she liked it.  I decided on the Rocky Mountain because of the unique blending of other colors.   Please please please believe me when I say that this cowl is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in person.  The specs of color just POP and I would be lying if I didn't feel a tinge of sadness that it wasn't for me darn it, there is my selfishness coming out. Anyways, see below for Jamie modeling the Rocky Mountain! :)

When you order for a know I had to order for myself too! :) Oops!

I wanted a blue cowl that was similar to my grey and oatmeal cowls, but I wanted the neck loop to be a little be able to lay more across my chest instead of my neck.  Leah was awesome to work with in turning one of their products into a custom cowl for me.  It is even better than I imagined.  I think I have now worn it 5 times to work (all with different combos) in 2 weeks!  I cannot say enough about how much I love these cowls.

So the moral of today's blog lesson chicas?  SHOP THE YARNIVAL for your winter wear needs.  Trust me, you will get homemade items that were knitted with care and kindness.  These items are gorgeous and you cannot go wrong! :) Stop in their Etsy shop and tell them Jessi sent you! Happy shopping!

**I was not paid or compensated to say these things.  This represents my true opinion as a customer of this shop.

I am linking this post with High Five for Friday with Lauren from From My Grey Desk! FIVE wonderful purchases from the Yarnival! :)


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  1. Jessi,

    Miss Fashionable and Fabulous! No one has ever done anything like this for us. One in a million, you are. Thanks for supporting, modeling and spreading the good word.

    Mad Love,

    The Yarnival