Friday, November 30, 2012

High FIVE for Friday!

Seriously I COULD NOT be happier.


Today I am linking it up with Lauren over at From my Grey Desk for High Five for Friday.  Here are five pictures to sum up my week!

Siri and I were fighting this week.  She refuses to spell my name correctly.  She wants it to be Jesse, but that is not correct. So in order to retaliate, she now calls me Waneetah! :)

This little man has been carrying around this bone all week long.  He rarely chews it. Just carries it around and then "buries" it in the couch, a towel, a chair, a blanket, or his toy box. Silly Henry!

This little comment on my blog post (here) made me SMILE so much.  I truly love Leah's company The Yarnival and to know that she appreciated my post...HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Did you participate in e.l.f.'s cyber sale? Wow! I was excited.  Their prices are already so reasonable and to score that much make-up and beauty products for 50%...SCORE!

The BEST part of my week.  I finally am the proud owner of the iPhone 5! My upgrade (which I have waited very patiently might I add) was this past Wednesday.  However, my friend got Verizon to let me upgrade 4 days early! I am in love already and it has been a short 5 days! :)

How was your week? I hope you get into something fun and relaxing this weekend. I have a Pinterest craft I want to try and of course more Law & Order SVU!


  1. Crap!! I really should have taken a part of Elf's Cyber sale! Looks like you cleaned up there! :)

    I cracked up that your phone calls you Wannetah now!! lol

  2. Yes, I was so glad I found out about the sale! Stocking stuffers and replenished some things for myself :)

  3. are you loving your new iPhone?! i'm a new GFC follower :)

  4. sounds like a great week! So jealous of the makeup deals!!



    1. Thanks chica! I am excited for them to come in :)