Friday, November 2, 2012

Auto Correct...Gaga Style!

And I am not talking about the Lady!

Anyway--do you have a friend that you can have an hour long conversation with but you really do not talk about anything in particular? Or do you have a friend where you can make a mistake with your vocabulary and then your mistake becomes slang between the two of you?

If you do...welcome to the world I share with my bff Chris! We met in college and ever since our friendship has grown.  I can be myself with him (whether that is the calm, laid back, fun chick that I am....or if I am cranky, sad, anxious, worried, thrilled, freaked out, nervouse, depressed...ok you get the picture!  We have a lot in common and most of our conversations revolve around our favorite TV shows.

circa 2011 in NYC!
Chris moved to Cincinnati this past summer--so we are not about 3 hours away from each other.  Most of our communication occurs via Apple's wavelengths of iMessage.  We typically will watch tv and talk endlessly about the show, series, reality competition...whatever it may be.

So one night we are talking about the presidential debate and a funny thing happened (at least I find it funny).

You see what happened? I swear I wrote "Haha" but my autocorrect turned it into "Gaga."  Without purpose, gaga became my favorite word.  Because gaga is not in the dictionary it can mean many things as the following pictures will demonstrate!

 In conversation about eating dinner...

#1--haha, #2--insert curse word here, #--our slang word

In conversation about X Factor...

#4--I agree, #5--Yes, I agree too!

#6--Wow, #7--Totally, #8--haha, #9--haha, totally, haha

In conversation about absolutely nothing at all...

#10--haha, #11--haha, totally

In more conversation about X Factor...

#12--Lady Gaga (1 of 12 times used...actually referred to her!)

So every time I see gaga pop up, I get a big smile on my face.  

Who knows maybe your phone is dying to spell gaga too!

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