Tuesday, November 13, 2012

all shopping must cease.

Do you use Stickies to remind yourself of important tasks? To do lists? Shopping lists? Bills to pay? Chores to attend to?

I use the app on my Mac to remind me of stuff just like that.  I am guilty of making stickies for the sake of making a pretty sticky note. I mean it still reminds me to do something, but I also like the satisfaction of marking them off. I feel accomplished. A sense of pride. I think at least.

I am even guilty of making a reminder sticky after I have already completed the task...yep...just so I can pretend I had thought of it before and get the great rush of relief when I draw a dark line through the task. What a loser I am, I know.

Often at work, I will place a sticky on my shirt.  This tactic is done to make sure others see what I need to be reminded of... that way they will say "Hey, did you know that at lunch you are supposed to call the vet for Henry?" OR "Hey did you call the vet for Henry at lunch? That was 2 classes ago!"  Anyways, I digress.

It is with heavy heart and severe sadness that I share with you my next two stickies.  They are on my background of my computer.  They float among other windows.  They are not allowed to disappear.  Not at all.  I am officially...


Shopping is truly my favorite pastime.  It is my favorite competitive sport.  Shopping holds a great big area in my heart that fills me with joy and excitement.  But it has to stop.  So this is my oath to you.  Other than Christmas presents for OTHER people, I will not be spending a dime at the mall, Target, online (ANYWHERE)! Nothing.  I must stop until Christmas.  Except in two weeks, when my Verizon contract is up and I am getting the iPhone 5!

Please keep me in your thoughts as I progress through this difficult time.


  1. I know! I love shopping too! I also love writing notes! Are you a Virgo too? =)


  2. I need someone to leave me this memo. I've gone insane recently.

    1. Same here. I am forcing myself. Although with the amount of products that are introduced to me through blogging daily I can see where my problem began. One day down!