Monday, November 19, 2012

A Weekend Quickie

The title got your attention? Whooooo...sorry to disappoint but I am strictly referring to the fact that my post will be short!  Here is my weekend highlights told in numbers!

(Thanks to Keeping up with Kelly & Co for the idea)

HOURS of sleep I got on Friday night.  I was worthless.  I came home from work, ate 2 slices of pizza, watched Grey's Anatomy, and was out like a light.  I got up a 11pm and went to my cozy bed. Whoops, this girl was tired!

PAIRS OF SHOES bought on Saturday...yes you read that right. Spending freeze what? Crap. I lost that battle, who was I kidding.  But seriously, my mom and I found some adorbs moccasins at Old Navy that just had to be ours and at 50% off...that is acceptable.  We also made a couple purchases at Marshall's for what? Yes, another pair of moccasins.  We are shoe crazy when we find something that is cozy and comfy and can be stood in for 8 hours while teaching!

FEET OF GARLAND AND STRING LIGHTS that I hung on Sunday afternoon! I worked outside in the sun (wearing shorts mind you!) for about 3 hours hanging garland and lights around our porch around the house.  I kept staring at it last night, something about Christmas and lights that just make me happy. Which is why the tree is up, decorated, and on each night already!

SANTA SUIT bought for Henry Liu to wear this Christmas.  He will be sporting a full on Santa suit and hat this year for my Christmas card. I am pumped, so pumped that he got to wear it all day and night on Saturday. Just breaking it in for comfort.  I am thinking I need to borrow a wagon from someone to be his "sleigh" come photo shoot time.  My wheels are turning with ideas!

I am liking up with Sami's Shenangians for Weekend Update! You should too!


  1. I could NOT believe the whole BOGO1/2off sale at Old Navy this weekend! That is a CRAZY sale. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything that I NEEDED. I bet your lights and garland look awesome!

  2. Stopping by from Sami's linkup... I LOVE decorating for Christmas! I can't wait until Friday so I can go crazy! :)

  3. Sometimes there is nothing better than crashing after a long day at work. I feel asleep at 7 pm on Monday night, woke up, watched How I Met Your Mother and was back asleep by 9!

    I nominated you for an award, it's on my blog today! :)


    1. I love HIMYM!!! :) An award? Woah! Thanks, I am heading your bloggy universe now to discover this!