Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Update: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I am here to update you on my exciting, jam packed weekend...but just a day later than I had planned! 

I had mentioned that I was attending the Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, and Scotty McCreery concert last week.  Let me tell you. It is AHmazing! I had a great time.  Country concerts = my element.  I told a friend at work on Monday...I would live in a country concert if I could.  They just instantly put me in a good mood and I literally enjoy every second of the event and DEFINITELY do not want the night to end.

The show started off with Scotty.  I loved him on American Idol.  However, I thought he was a boring entertainer, but the boy was 16 so I can't judge!  He has learned SO much in the last year and half! He is adorbs!  His set was my 2nd favorite! :)  I am not a huge The Band Perry fan.  Don't get me wrong, they have some fun and romantic songs...but I just wasn't excited about seeing them.  However, I have to be honest here...they were entertaining.  Unfortunately, I would have rather of listened to Scotty too Hotty a little longer.

My FAV part of the night you ask?  Mr. Brad. Paisley.  He is AMAZING...actually beyond amazing.  If you dig country tunes, you MUST rain do not pass GO or collect $200 to get a tickey to his next show.  In my opinion, he is the best male entertainer out there.  His guitar collection is enough to amaze you.  He also has great songs, a staple of the "country" in every tune, and involves everyone in the arena no matter how cheap of a seat you have!   Here are some of my favorite shots from the night!

My mom and I before the concert! :)

I forgot to mention I was in the second row! :) Hi Scotty!

Oh yeah...that's me...my head and hand...I got to shake his hand! :)

The silhouette before Brad took the page...all from lighting...so coo;!

 Mr. Brad Paisley!

Brad getting ready to "jump" into his pretend water on his way off the stage!
Everyone joined Brad on stage for the encore! It was so fun!

A quick note...Saturday was just as fun...but I didn't take as many pictures.  My mom and I went to the Ohio State Buckeyes Football game vs. Nebraska.  The game was intense as times and ended up to be a blow out.  My seats didn't allow me to as cool of pictures as I did a couple of weeks ago.  But hey, I was a lot closer this time and sat around some energetic, cool fans!
Mom and I in the stands :)

Student section!

My way cool socks! :) Love em?  Check out Grace & Lace on etsy!
Hands down the band is phenomenal! They dedicated their routine to video games and created the shapes on the field!

Star power from Super Mario Brothers!

The horse from Zelda..they moved their bodies around to make the horse move too!

Great game! O-H!

Sunday was a movie kinda day so I met a couple friends to see Pitch Perfect.  I heart Glee. I heart musicals.  I heart The Sing Off. So this movie was my kind of movie.  I laughed every single time Rebel Wilson opened her mouth. Literally.  The song performances made me want to sing, dance, and stand and clap! Loved it!

That's...just what Jess is up to! :)

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