Monday, October 22, 2012

My weekend...Lindsey Lohan Hot Dog?

Hey all! I have been MIA lately and think I will be so until the latter part of this week. But I do have to share one thing from my weekend that was just to die for.

I was in Cincinnati, OH this weekend visiting one of my best friends.  On Friday night, we had bounced from cute and cozy restaurants putting in our name and being told at least a 60 minute wait.  Chris really want to try this place called Senate and low and behold they were the first to call.

60 minute wait for bar seats, but what the heck we were dying of hunger!

This restaurant is a posh hot dog restaurant.  Yes you read that correctly.  They fancify hot dogs.

After surveying the menu, I quickly decided. It was a Lindsey Lohan kind of night!

Check out the menu description!

We also ordered truffle fries! Have you jumped on the Truffle Oil train? Man oh man...I first was smitten with Truffle Mac and Cheese and now fries. Big. Life. Changer.

So anyways, hands down it was the best hot dog I have ever eaten.  I did not watch one single bite.  And I am even planning on trying to recreate it sometime for dinner.

It was delish. Kudos to Chris for picking a great spot for dinner!

That's...just what Jess is up to :)


  1. LOL! That is too funny...a hot dog named after Lindsay!! It sounds yummy, I must say! And I haven't ever heard of Truffle Oil. Am I hiding under a rock?

  2. Ohhh Truffle oil is a rare fungus I do believe...I know the oil is expensive!

    If you like Noodles & Co they have a truffle mac...go try it!

  3. that sounds delish! how would have thought a hot dog could be so fancy! I'm following thanks to Whit's tweet about your new blog design!

  4. Thanks for coming over! :) It was seriously SO good. I am thinking about trying to recreate it soon. :)