Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sandy Inspired Weekend

With the warnings of Hurricane Sandy coming our way on Friday, I knew this weekend wouldn't be spectacular.  But to be honest I was ready for some down time, I just bargained for a little too much!  I am a girl who can get excited for rainy weather for one excuse to wear my Hunter rain boots, but three days straight without an end in sight was the slightly more than I wished for part.  Although the Ohio forecast is calling for snow on Tuesday...snow? October? Woah!

So here is my weekend via Instagram! Sit back and prepare to be...bored? LOL


My hair is finally almost long enough for a side braid! a little dance...I have been growing it out now for a year and 2 months! I really feel like 2 more inches of growth and I will be where I want to be!

My #ootd... Casual and cute in my opinion :)  Scarf: Old Navy (not sold on-line) Jeans: Rock Star Skinnies from Old Navy Jacket: Rock Star Demin Jacket from Old Navy Flats: Lucky Brand (bought at TJ Maxx) Rug: Ikea :)

I also painted my nails for Halloween.  Although it looks like we won't get to celebrate with all the rain and snow coming! Boo!  Loreal nail color: boozy brunch #102, Color Club: Status Uptade #968, top coat: Sech Vite

I woke up on Saturday after 11 hours of sleep (yessss!) and started my day using my new Keurig! I had some warm apple cider. I will be honest it was just OK...definitely not in the same ranks as Tim Horton's but cool how fast it was made! Do you have any recommendations for K Cups? I am dying to know the ins and outs.

Even though Sandy was making game day rainy,  I still had to support my undefeated Buckeyes! So I paired my new Campus Couture hoodie with leggings and Hunter boots! I ran some errands aka shopped and then settled in for the big game against PSU...we won! :)

I stopped in TJ Maxx to see what was new. I do peruse their stores quite often.  I tried on this number by Willi Smith.  I really liked the skirt but I wasn't sure about the top.  I was looking for something nice to wear for parent teacher conferences (which are this week :( ) I decided to get the skirt and skip the top.  Did I make the right decision?

My favorite part of the night is cuddling with Mr. Henry Liu.  Lately he has been WAY more cuddly than normal. And I will take it.  He is actually napping on my feet as I type! Growing up I always wanted a cat or dog that would just do what I wanted, which was spoon in bed and enjoy it.  I have NEVER had a dog, cat boyfriend that would do this with me.  So on Saturday I enjoyed it while it lasted.


Henry and I became officially sick of the rain come Sunday. One of his favorite things to do is sit on the front porch in the fall because it is not hot.  Plus I can prop the screen door open and let him in and out when he likes.  We both have been cooped up in the house since Friday! Boo!  I found him pondering out the window today and I just could tell what he was feeling--boredom swallowed by more boredom.

I figured I couldn't be completely lazy all day.  So I cleaned.  Yes. Dusted. Vacuumed.  Laundry.  The whole nine yards.  However, my furry friend was not having it at all.  He planted himself in our unmade bed and would not budge.  Until I chased him with the vacuum. LOL. Revenge. There are two things in the world that Henry hates. #1 Vacuum. #2 Broom.

I also decided to bake. I am not going to post a recipe because you have to buy the stuff from WS but it was SO good.  I have already made arrangements to buy more packages! Yum!


I of course ended my weekend with a new episode of Homeland. O.M. G. Do you watch!? :)


  1. Your weekend sounds fun! i love the skirt i would of passed on that top also! Your Friday outfit looked cute and i love your Halloween nails!

    new follower

  2. My Saturday was rainy and dreary due to Sandy also but luckily it only lasted one day. I love your Halloween nails!

  3. KCup recs: Nantucket and Breakfast Blend from Green Mountain, and Twinings peppermint tea.

    I also have a reusable KCup that I love my standard bagged Dunkin Donuts coffee in.

    Great score on the Lucky flats at TJMaxx!

  4. MMm pumpkin! I should have baked for Hurricane Sandy. Opted to just go out and buy my favorite Crumbs cupcakes :)