Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am gonna find my PURPOSE!

You will have to ignore my soapbox post today, but I have to get this off my chest.

Have you seen Avenue Q? If not, you must drop what you are doing.  Go to the site and find out when it will be in a city near you! If it is not coming by you, I suggest booking your flight, head straight to NYC and go to off broadway to see this adult puppet musical.

With that being you ever feel like you do not have a purpose? And I do not mean in the general sense.  But are just not 100% happy with your day to day life.  Maybe it is your city. Maybe it is your job. Your friends. Family. Car. Pet. Dinner. Whatever...but for me it is the job.

I have been a "real" adult for 10 years now. Wow, that is scary to write down and look at. And as pathetic lame sad true as it is. I would hands down go back to college in a heart beat. I would not need to pass Go. I would not need to collect $200. I would go back and live there and be me at age 18-21 all over again.  31 is not all that it is cracked up to be.

See how I am connecting all of this to Avenue Q? It is like the musical was written for me.  Last year, my friend and I travels to NYC for Labor Day weekend and we decided upon this musical.  It was an odd feeling between that scary smile that never leaves your face because you are having such a good time and because it hits home so hard.  I definitely lurvvvved the show. But it spoke to me also.

It is not hidden fact that I have bounced around for the past 10 years.  After college, I worked at home for 3 years...and then finally decided to do something for me. I packed up and moved to Washington DC.  I was there for a total of 4 years because I hit rewind on life's DVR and came back to Ohio. That story is another longer post for another time the vault.

Like I said this is year 10 and as each year creeps up, I find myself more unhappy. I do not want to paint the picture that I am this miserable person. Because I am not. I am a busy, social, traveling person. I absolutely love life, just not Monday-Friday 5:30am-4pm.  But the real question is what to do about that.

In this day and age, a salary is a must. Well, I guess it always has been a must. But I would definitely need the means that I am making now. But with a degree in English Education...what else can I do?

I googled this for a couple hours recently and most people go into writing, insurance, sales...but blah blah blah is what my brain thinks about that. If you have any stories or ideas, my door is officially open. I am taking ideas for consideration.  Because the best I can come up with is a non-paid stay at home doggy mommy and that is definitely not going to pay this sister's car payment, insurance, or anything that shows up in my cart via Internet shopping! *Darn Pinterest!

Do you have your purpose? Where did you find it? And how much did it cost! Help a sister out! ;)

I gotta find my purpose though. I gotta find me. Where to look? What to do?

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