Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gettin' Whitty With It! :)

Bloggy friends! I have great news! Look around, check it bloggy world just got Whitty With It!!!

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Do you like what you see? I am in love.  Seriously as I told Whitney, I have played for hours and hours trying to get the design to be what I envisioned. And truthfully the more blogs I began to read and follow, the more envious I became that my blog wasn't as snazzy, or cute, or fantastic as others.

So I posted a blurb about a month ago about how I needed a change...and the feedback I received was to shop on Etsy. Most of what I found were pre-made designs that I thought were cute but not just WOWing me.

Back to the drawing board I believed.  One night I was reading a blog, which linked me to another blog, and again again until I found Whitney.  I always read the About Me and bio information because I peruse a blog.  I want to see if I can identify with the girl before I commit to being a follower.

I laughed out loud mind you a few times reading what I saw.  Go check her out if you do not already follow her.  As I was stalking checking her blog out, I found a page for her blog design.  I decided I would take a chance and e-mail her to see what she thought.  She is so charismatic that I instantly knew she had to design my spot.

A few e-mails, questions, and g-chats later...look what she gave me! :)  The design is to die for (in my humble opinion) and the price is reasonable and worth it.

We even chatted about life and our little bloggy world that I am not sure where I would be without at this point!  So needless to say, Whitney...
thank you

I really appreciate your helpfulness, your creativity, and humorous personality!  You rock girl!


  1. Um, Jessi.... You just made me cry. I am not even kidding.
    You are so welcome and I want to snuggle with this post.
    Thank YOU for being so amazing!!!

  2. I got whitty with it too for my blog and I love it so much, I teared up the first time I saw what she did to my blog. You're right Whitney is the most charismatic person I've met in the bloggy world! She does great work! Your blog is awesome, I AM IN Love with the purple chevron!!

  3. Whitney is absolutely phenomenal! I love her. Your new space looks gorgeous, girl!