Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Faves (Saturday Style)

Good morning all! :)  Today I am linking up with the Bargain Blonde for Friday Faves!  This week has been a long one and my weekend is filled with fun and excitement!  Last night I was in the 2nd row for Mr. Scotty McCreery, The Band Perry, and Mr. Brad Paisley! It was AH-mazing!
Any who....My favorite song this week comes from Miss T Swift.  I am not a huge Taylor fan...and sometimes I even turn the radio channel when she comes on.  But Begin Again..has got me.  It seems so real to me...and all of a sudden I am sitting in a cafe on a Wednesday reading to begin again! :)  I am actually listening to it as I type!
My new favorite sitcom is Partners.  Sophia Bush was my favorite actress on One Tree Hill (still wish the show was on!!) and to be honest that is why I tuned into Partners to begin with.  However, when I learned it was from the writers and creators of Will & Grace. I. Was. Sold.  It is so funny everyone! If you have not tuned in!!

Last week I mentioned that I bought two new curling irons at Ulta!  Well I have tried them both and the favorite is....

It is called the Bed Head Curlipops 1" Tourmaline Ceramic Conical Styling Iron!  It creates tight curls on top, and loose curls on the bottom.  I used this to curl my hair yesterday and fabulous is the only word to describe it.  Now, it is not an everyday look (fo sho!) but for the concert last night it was super cute, fun, and girly!

Cute right? I think so.

My favorite board game is Headbandz right now.  Every Friday the kiddos and I play a board game for 15 minutes.  So I bought Headbandz to try this week.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long while.  You wear this silly band around your head and place a card with an object on it.  You take turns trying to guess what you are (like 20 questions!).  It was just a good time!

Happy weekend! Link up with BB for some favorite fun!

That's...just what Jess is up to :)

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  1. I had not heard of partners! I must watch!!!! Sounds great. Your hair looks so good! Thanks for linking up with me. Great thing your loving!