Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Urban Outfitters, I am so glad I stopped into your store last Sunday. I absolutely love my new double infinity scarf. I am wearing it right now as I type and already have gotten 4 compliments today! :)

Dear Anne, Thank you for talking to me last night! Although I shed some tears throughout our text sess, I really think you had good things to say to me.  Things that hit home.  I sort of feel like I have a plan or the plan before the plan! :) Thanks for being a good cuz!

Dear Weekend, I am excited for you I must say.  This is the first weekend in 7 weeks that I do not have to travel over an hour away for a wedding, a party, a game, a concert, to see a friend, etc. I cannot wait to just let the day decide itself.  Bring on laziness and relaxation--in any form. I am ready.

Dear Grey's Anatomy, Thank you for not making me cry last night. It was still a solid episode but a night without tears over McSteamy was appreciated.

Dear Snow, You are anticipated already for next week! It was 80 all week, how can that be so? But I will take it.  Maybe a day off work...ahhh wishful thinking!

Dear Whitney, Thanks again for designing my blog.  Words cannot express how happy it makes me.  I just like pulling it up and staring at it! :)


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  1. Hi! I found you through the Friday Letters link up and I LOVE that scarf also!! So make that 5 compliments so far :) I hope your weekend is relaxing!