Monday, October 1, 2012

A Weekend on the Road...

A case of the Mondays anyone?

I have officially clocked 12 hours of driving in one week's time going the exact same route.  Two wedding weekends in a row is serious business.  While I had fun, I am ready for a weekend minus my car and I-77!

Anywho, Friday after work I rushed home to pack my bag.  I have become quite the procrastinator when it comes to preparing for trips.  It is a fault I have because this girl is indecisive. The nice part of my Packing Frustration on Friday afternoon was the dress for Saturday's wedding arrived from Rent the Runway on time and fit nicely.  It was just every other outfit that I couldn't decide upon.  As soon as the bags were stuffed packed, I was out the door.

Before I get too weekend oriented...I must say that I loved my experience with Rent the Runway!  It is so nice that I got a pretty, nice dress to wear and didn't have to worry about cleaning it.  I just simply put it in a prepaid envelope and sent it off this am.  So nice.  Oh and it will not just hang in my closet forever to never be paid attention to again! Lucky dress.

I accented the navy dress with fuchsia chandelier earrings, nude patent Michael Kors pumps, and gold bangles.

My friend Chris met me in Cleveland, checked into the hotel for the weekend, and off to the Welcome Party.  We ended up ending our night at The Winking Lizard for some yummy, spicy buffalo wings. Yum!

While, I am talking about food, I MUST tell you about this AWESOME restaurant on Saturday for lunch.  We met Chris's friends Leslie and Travis at Melt. Melt is a restaurant dedicated to GRILLED CHEESE!

The menu was huge and deciding was hard. Oh who am I kidding. I am a Plain Jane eater, so I went with the sandwich called "The Kindergarten" and yes you guessed it...bread and cheese! I did choose to add fresh jalapeño peppers (boy were they hot!). This sandwich and tomato soup companion were to die for. I was in heaven during our time at lunch for sure.

Up next, the wedding!  We went to the hotel lobby for the shuttle. And guess what came and picked us up? The Cleveland Browns Fans' bus! It was crazy. Flat screen tvs, bathroom, grill, bar, etc in an renovated school bus. So funny.  We attended the ceremony, and headed over to the reception promptly.  Thus hours and hours of dancing in high heels shoes began.  I guess I didn't learn my lesson last weekend.  My feet still hurt right now.

haha, never know when you need a powder room!
Chris and I at the reception!

Angela and I at dinner!

I stopped by the little munchkin's house to visit with my cousins again today before I came home! It was good to see them two weekends in a row.  I think we are getting a little spoiled now. :)
Carson last weekend dressed up as Spiderman!
Before heading back to my little tiny town, I stopped at Target, Bath and Body Works, and Ulta!  I finally bought the curling iron I have been online stalking for awhile now.  I even ventured out of my comfort zone and bought a curling wand too.  I will share all the info later this week once I have opened them and tried them out.

I shall leave you with a clip from X Factor.  Chris decided to show me some stand out auditions on Friday night.  I do not watch X Factor, but I may have to tune in if this cowboy makes it to the live show!  He has one of the those voices that just commands a room (in my opinion).  My favorite country singers have that extra roughness in their deep rooted voices.  And boy Mr. Tate Stevens has just that! He seriously had me after two words into the song! Soooooo good. I truly hope someone notices him and gets this boy a record deal!

That's...Just what Jess is up to :)


  1. I've never tried rent the runway, but it sounds great! Maybe I'll try it out for the next wedding I go to! Visiting from Weekend Update.


  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing that audition of Mr. Tate Stevens. He is freaking awesome. I might have to record X factor just to hear him sing over and over and over....that boy needs a record deal better than what X Factor likely offers though!!!