Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update: time to celebrate!

Pictures say a 1,000 words right? So let's celebrate my weekend in peeeectures :)

1.  In my last post, I mentioned Henry's newest fall attire...his lightning bolt sweater.  I like to think he is channeling his inner Harry Potter!  He wore it all Friday night.

2 and 3.  I completed my weekly mani!  I had a wedding to go to on Saturday so I chose a color that would go with my dress.  It is Nicole by OPI's Shoot for the Maroon.  I tried to take the pictures in the sun because it is SO PRETTY when the sun shines on it.  It sparkles with hints of orange and pink! I love it.  But in the regular light, it just looks maroon.  So I just have to put myself in the light constantly!

4.  The wedding on Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!  Seriously Lori looked amazing and the location was so nice too!  It was hands down the best ceremony I have been to.  I actually enjoyed hearing what the officiant had to say. It was unique and just nice. :)  The picture is with Kristen, my college roomie of 3 years! It was SO good to see college friends, especially the girls!

5. My cousins live near where the wedding was so yesterday I stopped for some QT with this family of 3! Carson (2) put on his Halloween costume for me and it was just too cute to not take a picture!  Watch out superheroes! Carson-man is on the loose!

6.  Legos? Did you know that they are still fun to play with? I probably spent an hour building this amazing castle that took Carson 2 seconds to demolish!  I used all of the giant legos in my creation and had a good time too!

7.  A little Target anyone? I stopped on the drive home (2.5 hours) to get a little shopping fix.  I picked up Essie's Go Overboard.  I am slightly, lamely excited to put this pretty color on my nails that I just may change my color before the week is over!

8.  I also picked up Mindy Kaling's new book!  It is called "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"  I have not started but she is a funny gal on television so how can't she be funny in writing?  I am definitely starting to watch her new show "The Mindy Project" this week!

9. My weekend ended quickly.  I got home last night, took a shower, and in bed I went.  But not before I sent Kristen a text informing her on how I felt after a long, long night of dancing in heels!

That's... Just What Jess is Up to :)

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  1. That lightening bolt sweater is TOO cute! My dog has a sweater too :) I'm a new follower!

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