Thursday, September 27, 2012

Por que? Beer in a soup?

Not to long ago, I pinned a recipe for a Beer Cheese Soup.  I have kept saying I was going to try it.  However, I never followed through. Well tonight was the night.  I came right home from work and looked up the recipe...

BOY was it complicated.  I am not a pro expert skilled talent in the kitchen.  More of a student in Cooking 101.  So I decided to google more recipes because I was in the mood to try this soup.

I found one that did not involved ingredients that I didn't know about or cooking techniques that are out of my I headed to the store!,1748,153186-225202,00.html
I forgot to use my real camera again. So I apologize for the awful photos!

First steps are to melt the butter and then mix in the onions!

Next, you add in the dry mustard and flour...

Stir for 2-3 minutes kinda looks like wet corn bread (yum!) lol...

Add in the chicken broth and beer.  I added a bottle of beer.  I think I should have only used half of the bottle. But you live and you learn.  I also used a light beer.  I think I should have used one with more flavor. But again, you live and you learn.

After about 20 minutes of simmering and boiling the thickness just wasn't showing up.  So I referred to Google!  I read how to thicken a runny soup.

So I tried made it a little better but not totally.  

Howev---and I mean howev!

This soup tasted DELICIOUS! So good. I was really, really pleased with how zesty, cheesy and just plain yummy it was.  I have a feeling after it sits for a bit it may thicken too!  

I definitely think next time I will make it with a more hearty beer. But for today, dinner was delish!

If you try it or have a yummy recipe let me know! :)

That's...Just what Jess is up to! :)

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