Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters


I cannot say this enough. And for that reason I must share with how I feel about this week before I share my letters.

Seriously do you feel this way ever? This week was just the week that I could not tackle.  I stayed at work for COPIUS amounts of hours each day. No matter what I got accomplished I just never felt "together" this week.  So here's to it FINALLY being over. Let the weekend begin.

Dear Lori and Andy,
I hope you have a wonderful wedding tomorrow.  You are an adorable couple and I am thankful that you have included me in your special celebration.  Here's to a great OU reunion and even better marriage!

Dear Mel and Rachael,
Thank you for making me feel special this week.  It has been a tough one and your flowers were absolutely beautiful.

Dear Henry Liu,
Thank you for our date night last night.  A trip to the vet for a shot and a shopping spree to Petsmart--just what we needed.  Can't wait to see you in your new sweater.

Dear Emma Stine,
This one piece has my full attention.  I want want want! I just don't want the earrings.  Soooo why can't I just order the necklace?
Dear ShirtNinja,
I cannot wait for my shirts to arrive.  It may be a major NERD ALERT but I cannot wait!! HP for life!

Dear weekend,
I am ready for you. Ready for fun. Read for relaxation. Bring it on.

That's just what Jess is up to! :)



  1. Hola Jess!
    Yes! My week has been just like the cat reveals! made me laugh thanks for that! New loyal reader #19! Looking forward to getting to know more about you and yours! Tootles!

    ~SimplyyMayra ;)

    1. Thanks for the follow :) I hope for a better week this week for the both of us!

  2. I am seriously dying over the Harry Potter shirts!!! I want the Hogwarts Alum shirt soooooo bad!! :)

    1. I am stalking my Etsy account waiting for the shipped notice! It hasn't happened yet and I am dying!!