Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear iPhone 5,
You have my attention! The more and more my 4 is delayed or will not charge completely...makes me MORE excited.  I love the bigger screen and lighter? thinner? YES! I just have to make it to November before I can indulge!

Dear Linda,
Thank you for selling your tickets for the OSU game to my mom! Now I get to go to the Horseshoe and watch my boys in action!

Dear OSU Buckeye Football,
Keep it up! 2-0 isn't bad for a team that caught such a bad media rap! And now that I get to be in the better be on it! OH--IO!

Dear Glogster EDU,
Why did you have to change your entire platform?? I have spent 3 weeks getting my students used to the original platform and then BOOM you change on us!  Now we start all over! I hope your changes are bigger and better!

Dear Momma Stesh,
You are a rockstar. I hope you know how important you are and you are so STRONG! Keep your head up as you are loved!

Dear Henry Liu,
I love ya bud but you have got to cut out the constant in and out business! You are home all go outside at night and play! :)

Dear CBS Big Brother,
One more week.  Just one more week. I am very annoyed with yesterday's outcome.  I cannot believe that a girl who has lived in the BB house for over 70 days can be so NAIVE and so blind.  Poor Shane, I was rooting for you. Too bad Danielle is just a puppet on Dan's string.  So at this point, I guess...Go Ian!

Dear Glee,
I cannot wait to watch the premier. I couldn't watch last night due to my tired nature and episode of Big Brother. Between Lima, NYC, LA, and anywhere in between I cannot wait to hear my New Directions sing!

Hope everyone has a great great great weekend!! :)

That's ...Just What Jess is Up To!


  1. Glee was AWESOME!!!! I cried at the end...LOL! I am SUCH a sap!!

    1. Yes, such an emotional story line with the new girl's mom!! Do you think all of the graduates are gone?

  2. can't wait for the iphone5!!

    Following you now! Have a wonderful weekend!! Stop by and say hello! :)