Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Hobby Lobby, Thank you for being such a cool store.  However, why did the spools of ribbon have to be regular price this week? I needed 7 spools for my craft! Come on now!

Dear Pinterest, Thank you for inspiring me when I am down.  I get online and realize, I can de-stress by picking out a craft that just has to be done ASAP!

Dear school, Boy do you have me tired! I can't believe it has been three weeks and I am still drowning under a to-do list that I cannot seem to get my hands on.  I hope I have a productive weekend of fun but also scratching off a few of those pesky tasks!

Dear Colin Stuart Multi Way Boots, Why are you so cute? I am dying over you.  I do not want to spend the $$ on you yet...I feel like I need you!  So which or brown!?!?

Dear Ohio State Buckeye Football, Game two tomorrow! Let's kick some UCF butt!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I hate that about Hobby Lobby!! Every time I need something it's not on sale...LOL! Found you through the linkup!! Newest follower!!

    1. I know! And I feel like every other time I go in there the ribbon is 50% off! Plus they only let you use ONE 40% off coupon at a time! Ugh! Thanks for the follow! I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy yourself with my crafts!

  2. Loving the shoes! I may need to get me a pair :)

    1. Yeah they have been in my cart for a week. I cannot decide which color! What color do you like?