Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to prove to Dad I'm not a fool!

I'll be honest I thought with having my summer off I would be blogging and crafty all summer long.  I look at my list and I blogged about my summer reading, which coincidentally ended right after I wrote about it. I blogged about my 4th of July shirt project and my new bedroom.  But where is all of the crafting I had planned? I am thinking I need to get reorganized and recommitted to the cause.

I have been back to school now for two weeks, one week of meetings and setting up my classroom and one full week with my new students.  I can seriously say I have not been this tired in AGES! This year my schedule has changed and I half to be at work 30 minutes earlier.  I know you are thinking 30 minutes, that's not bad.  But it has been HARD!  All I wanted to do on Friday night was sleep--and I got a solid 10 hours!

While I was preparing my classroom, I did complete some Pinterest crafts for my room.  So teacher friends you may enjoy these pictures!

I was assigned a bulletin board for the beginning of the year.  So I found a cute one on Pinterest.  I changed it a little bit and it just may be my favorite one ever!

I knew I wanted to decorate my door with a text message theme but when I was completed I had some extra room so I found a cartoon of a mad scientist on Pinterest.  I hand drew this guy by  staring at his image on the computer. And it turned out really well.  Check out his original look here!

Translation: Books are like really long text messages.
What have you read lately?
Isn't he cute? I drew him!
I used my hot glue gun a lot.  I glued pom poms to the ends of all of my dry erase markers so the students would have an automatic eraser.  We have already used them.  They work great.  

I made clothes pins with mini chalkboards on them.  They started as balsa wood and I spray painted them with chalkboard paint.  I have already used them to hang things up on my news "clothes lines" to display student work...but I have not tried the chalkboard.  As it turns out, I do not have any chalk! LOL

I also bought some boxed paper mache letters from HL and painted them with acrylic paints.  Once they were dried, I hot glued them together to make this little standing decor!

Well that's all for now! I managed to be pretty happy with all of my crafts!  Hopefully throughout the year I have time for more!
That's....just what jess is up to! :)

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