Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A little polish makes all the difference!

Manicures at home? Yes, please!

I have been reading more and more blogs about nail art, polish styles, and tricks of the nail trade!  I have been pinning so many cool designs that I just had to stop being plain and get into this phenomena.  I have decided to share both my inspiration photos and then my finished nail.  :) Enjoy!

Outgoing fun party/sparkle nails!


 My version!

Base coat: Complete Salon Manicure: Eel Skin
Tips polish: Nicole by OPI, Kardashian Kolor, Rainbow in the S-Kylie
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

It has hard to get a good picture as the light made the sparkles definitely do their job: sparkle!  I did like the manicure as it lasted for over a week.  However, it was DIFFICULT to get off of my nail bed. Overall, it was a cute one!

Scrapbook Scissors Nails


My version!

Base coat: Sinful Colors, Hazard
Tips polish: Sinful Colors, Aquamarine
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

 I loved the look of this manicure. Loved.  However, I think because it was a thicker manicure it chipped off really easily.  It only lasted 24 hours.  I will try again later down the road, but they were a pretty 24 hours!  Check out the inspiration photo's link for directions--super easy!

Patriotic Nails


My version!

Base coat:Essence, Colour & Go, Walk on air and Glamourous Life
Stamping polish: Konad, Special Nail Polish (white)
Nail art pen: Sally Hansen, White (to create the heart)
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

Konad Image Plate: Konad, M64 (interesecting stripes)

Konad Image Plate: Konad, M84 (stars)

Have you tried Konad stamping? I just started and it does take a bit to get used to it.  I have to give props to Kristina at Daily Something, as her YouTube video has helped me SO much.  I am a fan now that I have her guidance! :)

Green Zebra

My version!

I didn't have an inspiration photo for this last manicure.  I knew I wanted more practice with stamping and so I decided on green zebra stripes!

Base coat:Sinful Colors, Rise and Shine
Stamping polish: Konad, Special Nail Polish (white)
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

Konad Image Plate: Konad, M57 (stripes)

I ended up very please with this one!  I definitely gained more skill in the nail art stamping department.  It is holding strong on day 4 of the manicure too!

I recently went on a shopping spree for new summer polishes! I will show the colors now and hopefully update with some more manicures soon!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)


  1. This nail art is awesome!! I'm so impressed. Some recreations of fun nail styles just really don't work...but yours are as good if not better than the inspiration!! You make me want to try it...