Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beautify Your is a MUST

A few weeks ago I went to visit my friend Chris in Cincinnati for the weekend.  We had a great time.  

I spent one day roaming the downtown area alone (only got freaked out a couple of times).  As I roamed I went to really neat boutiques and thrift shops, spent some time at a cool park and just took in the new surroundings.  

all of the piggy art was my favorite :)

We went to Toby Keith's I Love this Bar to see Easton Corbin, which did not disappoint and I even got to meet him afterwards. I will add the picture at the very end! 

We went to a Reds game which was fun (but hot!) and they won in extra innings. 

But I have to be honest one of the things I looked forward to the most was going to the motherland of home decor stores--IKEA! Most of my bedroom furniture was purchased at Ikea and I just had an "itch" to buy some more. I stayed within my budget which I was impressed with and bought a new shelf system for my bathroom, a bookshelf, two Lack side tables, and some vases.  When I got home I couldn't wait to come up with a plan.  In hindsight, you should probably have a plan before going to Ikea, but oh well.

It took me a week to figure out what I was going to do.  And once it was decided, there was a sudden rush to get it done.  In that rush, I did not take any before pictures...I know I can't believe it either. So sorry! 

One of the many big changes is I cleaned everything out of my closet.  No, I do not mean I sorted through clothes and shoes to donate to Good Will.  I mean I took everything out of the closet because I turned my closet in a headboard of sorts! To do that I decided it needed to be painted as an accent color to my bedding.  I just got new bedding from Vera Bradley in the Va Va Bloom print (see below) and wanted to make it as cute as can be.  

I recently learned about "Chip It" and decided Sherwin Williams was the way to go to perfectly match up the paint color that I needed.  Chip It is so easy...all you have to do is upload of a picture of something in the room you are remodeling and they will "suggest" paint colors.  Just look at the pretty colors that they came up! Which one would you have picked?  I decided on... CALYPSO! It turned out even better than I had hoped!

I also needed to use some new materials to decorate the accent wall and I decided on an old window frame and open picture frames which I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I purchased some other accents that made me smile! My favorite purchase was a chandelier.  I have no idea why I hadn't owned one before. I LOVE IT!  I made some collages down below for you to see the finished product!

I am now using a spare room as my "walk in" closet which is working out so far.  So I guess I am a two room kind of girl now!

All in all, I am happy with my surrounding being beautified! Looks like something that you could find on Pinterest right?

As promised I leave you with my 15 seconds with Mr. Easton Corbin himself!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A little polish makes all the difference!

Manicures at home? Yes, please!

I have been reading more and more blogs about nail art, polish styles, and tricks of the nail trade!  I have been pinning so many cool designs that I just had to stop being plain and get into this phenomena.  I have decided to share both my inspiration photos and then my finished nail.  :) Enjoy!

Outgoing fun party/sparkle nails!


 My version!

Base coat: Complete Salon Manicure: Eel Skin
Tips polish: Nicole by OPI, Kardashian Kolor, Rainbow in the S-Kylie
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

It has hard to get a good picture as the light made the sparkles definitely do their job: sparkle!  I did like the manicure as it lasted for over a week.  However, it was DIFFICULT to get off of my nail bed. Overall, it was a cute one!

Scrapbook Scissors Nails


My version!

Base coat: Sinful Colors, Hazard
Tips polish: Sinful Colors, Aquamarine
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

 I loved the look of this manicure. Loved.  However, I think because it was a thicker manicure it chipped off really easily.  It only lasted 24 hours.  I will try again later down the road, but they were a pretty 24 hours!  Check out the inspiration photo's link for directions--super easy!

Patriotic Nails


My version!

Base coat:Essence, Colour & Go, Walk on air and Glamourous Life
Stamping polish: Konad, Special Nail Polish (white)
Nail art pen: Sally Hansen, White (to create the heart)
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

Konad Image Plate: Konad, M64 (interesecting stripes)

Konad Image Plate: Konad, M84 (stars)

Have you tried Konad stamping? I just started and it does take a bit to get used to it.  I have to give props to Kristina at Daily Something, as her YouTube video has helped me SO much.  I am a fan now that I have her guidance! :)

Green Zebra

My version!

I didn't have an inspiration photo for this last manicure.  I knew I wanted more practice with stamping and so I decided on green zebra stripes!

Base coat:Sinful Colors, Rise and Shine
Stamping polish: Konad, Special Nail Polish (white)
Top coat: Essie: No Chips Ahead

Konad Image Plate: Konad, M57 (stripes)

I ended up very please with this one!  I definitely gained more skill in the nail art stamping department.  It is holding strong on day 4 of the manicure too!

I recently went on a shopping spree for new summer polishes! I will show the colors now and hopefully update with some more manicures soon!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Proud to be American DIY Fashion

How did you show your patriotism yesterday?
I have been busy for the last week and for once it has not be reading this summer.  I actually feel a bit guilty admitting that I have not touched a book in a solid week now. Pathetic I know, but I do vow to return to my pages and words soon.  So what have I been doing?

It started off fun--I spent a ton of time loving on this fellow below.  He has been miserable with the heat so that makes him extra cuddly! :)

 I got a new bike.  Isn't she cute?  She is a Schwinn beach cruiser.  Just another way for me to pretend that I live near the beautiful ocean.  I have gone on a couple of rides so far and have started to get my comfort level up, since I had not ridden a bike other than stationary ones at the gym since 7th grade! Too bad Henry doesn't fit in the basket!
 My cousins (Haley pictured below) came over to go swimming which was a fun filled day!  It was also the last day before the whirlwind of storms.  You know they say, there is a calm before the storm...well they are right.  We had a BEAUTIFUL day before all went south!  
 Following the swimming day, we had plans to go to my cousins' to see Magic Mike.  Just as we were about to get into the car, my cousin called and said to wait a minute because the weather was bad.  I had just enough time to run outside to put away by hammock before it turned DARK DARK and then the winds came.  It was awful. Scary awful.  It lasted about 25 minutes--and the news said up to 75mph winds--woah.  

I used to climb this tree when I was a kid.  We found it down as we walked around looking at damage and debris in the neighborhood..I got to wear my Hunters too!  

The sun set was oddly beautiful. I loved the purple tones that appeared.

Of course, we lost out power (FOR FOUR DAYS) and had to have a long slumber party with my cousins!  When our power finally came back, we packed up and came home...and that is when I was perusing Pinterest and found a DIY American Flag shirt.  

I couldn't find the directions on the Pin so I had to do some Googling, and finally I came across another blogger that made the shirts! Check them out here!

Materials you will need:

  • plain white tee
  • blue painting tape
  • star stickers
  • cardboard
  • blue and red spray paint
  • scissors
I documented my process below! Check it out!

Taping off the shirt for the red sure to cover the section that you want to be blue!

Spray paint away!  Close sprays will make it look faded and graffiti like!

Once the read is semi-dry, place the star stickers where you wish and cover the red portions!

Spray paint away! Again closer sprays will get that faded look.

When dry peel away the tape and stickers!

You will need to cut the shirt more once you try it on for your liking!
Henry showed his love for the country too!
That's....just what jess is up to! :)