Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking Beautiful...& My Summer Reading List!

I wanted to share my summer reading list as I have had a few people ask me what I am planning on reading next...not just what I am reviewing.  So here are the books that I have pinpointed for this summer; however, I have already read four of them! 

The first book on my list was The Fame Game, by Lauren Conrad.  I have read and reviewed this book this summer.  Check it out here.

The second book on my list was Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler. This is the fourth book in the Kissed by an Angel series.  I read the first three years ago and I found out this year that Chandler had written more!  I have not written a review for this one yet as I am going to have I finish #5 (which is on my list later).

The third book on my list was The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.  I RAVED about this book here.  Check out my review and go get this book!

The fourth book on my list was Breaking Beautiful, by Jennifer Shaw Wolf.  I finished this book two days ago and will be reviewing it as soon as I am done with my list! :)

The fifth book on my list IS (yes we are finally to a book I have yet to read) A Long Way from You, by Gwendolyn Weasley.  I read her first book during the spring and was hook to her character development.  I have read the reviews already this book is better than the first so I am very anxious to start reading.  And did I add it came in the mail TODAY! Whoo!

Book number six on my list is the fifth book of Chandler's series called Everlasting.  I am hoping to find out what happens to all of the characters (human and angel) in this last book.

Numero seven is The Future of Us, by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler.  I ordered this book because a few years ago I read Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why, which was about a teen's suicide and the scavenger hunt to finding why.  His writing was all consuming so I am just hoping this book will be the same.
The eighth book for my summer reading is Looking for Alaska, by John Green.  Just look at the cover, isn't that interesting? When I finished The Fault in Our Stars, I knew I had to read more of Green's work.  I just absolutely loved his writing--plot, subplot, character development, and resolution! It was just captivating.  So I ordered this beauty below to give a try based on a rad cover, an awesome author, and multiple A+ reviews!

The ninth book on my summer list is Flat-Out Love, by Jessica Park.  This book is on my iPad in my Nook app. To be honest, it will probably be the last one I read.  There is just something about holding an actual book in your had.  But I digress, this puppy was only $1.99 on sale one day so I went ahead and downloaded it for the future.

 Well that is the summer list so far.  I expect it to grow as I read more reviews and hear from friends.  I started to re-read a book off of my shelf yesterday as I was awaiting the arrival of my B&N package.  It is called The Au Pairs, by Melissa De La Cruz.  I read them (series of four) about six years ago. I am halfway through so I plan to finish it first before digging into my newbies! :)  I am loving this reading train I am on this summer.

Now on to my newest review...Breaking Beautiful, by Jennifer Shaw Wolf.

One day I was surfing through the suggest lists for me on B&N and I came across this cover.  Isn't interesting.  I see the title which has two distinct fonts.  I see this beautiful, red peep toe heels.  I see a road, the ocean, and of course the guard rail.  But then I read the subtitle..."Does time heal all wounds?"  I was IN!  I put this in my cart directly.

I cannot say enough positive remarks about this thrilling book which is told from the present day narration.  What instantly grabbed my attention and interest was the amount of the story that was told in italicized flashback form (one of my favorite literary elements).  With Allie (the main character), her twin brother Andrew, and a boy named Blake, you walk down a very fine line of realistic teen love.  However, this teen love was scarred by two awful life changing items: death and abuse.  

I have been spending my days in two places...(see below)...reading and consuming the words spread across the pages of this beautifully plotted story.  Now I have mentioned before that I have been a reading machine and this book was not an exception.  I finished it in two days while either sitting in my new hammock or my anti-gravity chair! :)  I loved it especially how you worked along side Detective Weeks trying to solve the night of the "accident" while Allie struggled with his injury induced memory loss.  Definitely a great pick that I would recommend you reading ASAP! Official decision: Two thumbs up, fine summer fun! :)

[my new hammock which I love ]

[I may or may not have set up the hammock in the house because of the rain]

[my new sunbathing chair]
That's....just what jess is up to! :)

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