Saturday, May 12, 2012

What have you been reading lately?

Every year as summer approaches, I make my list of books that I will indulge in while soaking up the sun or enjoying an evening on the deck.  I am a true young adult reader, perhaps that is why I teach middle school.  In the last two weeks, I have begun to get back in my habit of reading, finishing two books that have been on my list since last summer.  Now that the flare has been relit, I am ready for some book shopping.  

I am very anxious for next fall as well.  Why you ask? The third novel in the "Matched" trilogy will grace us.  I finished "Crossed" (book 2) three days ago.  I have found myself right back where I was last June when I met Cassia, Ky, and Xander.  However, different from my reaction with the first book, I no longer know how I want the trilogy to end.  I guess I will have to wait for Ally to share her story "Reached" in the fall!

I hate when I give up on books too.  In the end of summer last year, I began a book titled "Where I Belong" by Gwendolyn Heasley.  I was into the book, but I wasn't grasping to the main character Corrine.  I have a hard time loving a book if the connection isn't there.  Unfortunately, school started back up and my free time disappeared quite quickly so I put the book back on my shelf.  Once I finished "Crossed" the other day, I decided to give the book another shot.  Well two days later and I am finished.  I LOVED it. :-)  Talk about your true high society snob meeting country side, hillbilly hick--what a story. Corrine ended up being one of the most dynamic characters I have read about in a long time.  I immediately Googled Heasley to see if she had plans of another book because in true fashion you really do not know how it ends.  Coming June 5th is her next book "A Long Way From You" and you can bet your bottom dollar I will getting it immediately.  

So now I am left with...the big question.  What else should I read this summer?  I will most likely read Lauren Conrad's newest reality tv spin off novel...don't laugh but they are just as good as watching The Hills on tv.  I have been hearing a ton of gossip about "Fifty Shades of Grey" but the summary didn't really engage me.  SO anyhoo, what will you be ready this summer? Share with me!

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  1. I read a book I think you might enjoy! It's called Learn Me Good (the sequel is Learn Me Gooder). Based on a true story about a guy that got laid off from his job as an engineer so he went back to school and became a third grade math teacher. The book is a compilation of emails from him to a friend recounting his school year. Pretty funny - and as a teacher you could probably relate! It's an easy read - I finished it in just a few days.