Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Fame Game

My summer vacation has finally begun!  What have been doing for the first two days you may want to know? I have been in the sun, reading a book, catching a tan, and splashing around in an inflatable pool! Yes, you read that right! I decided that it is too hot to just sit out there to read and I do not want to stay in doors...I am a summer girl!  So one trip to the local Walmart later I was equipped with an inflatable pool, a lounging lawn chair, and a pretty pink raft!  

Just call my back very own beach.  I love it...even though I wish it looked like this...

So anyway, I decided to dive right into my summer reading list, which I may add still needs more books added to it!  My first pick was Lauren Conrad's The Fame Game.  Lauren wrote a trilogy based on Hollywood's reality TV world when it invades the lives of your average America girls...and how reality tv isn't all that REAL! Shocking I know.  However, I was still sucked into hours upon hours of episodes and series of Laguna Beach and The Hills.  So a couple of summers ago I picked up the books and found it fun to draw the connections between the fictional characters (Jane, Scarlett, Madison, and Gaby) to the real Hills girls (LC, Lo, Audrina, Kristen, and Heidi).  However, Lauren has said many times the book is not a direct reflection of her experience on the big screen.  The first books were called LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies, and Sugar and Spice.

So what I found those summers ago was that her books were very, very light reads (which I cannot lie, I enjoy during my summer days).  They did not require you do analyze the plot line and they were predictable.  However, I still just as in every book I read, I found myself rooting certain characters on and hating the life of others!  So when  I saw Lauren on Chelsea Lately a few weeks ago, I saw that she had decided to write more books that were like spin off of the first series.  These would however focus on Madison in the limelight instead of Jane!  I will be honest I would not exactly excited because I did not care for Madison at all, but I figured...hey it is summer, give it a go!

So I started the book at the pool and I finished it that way too!  Just like the first group of books, they were light reads, and again predictable.  This book did leave you hanging with all four of the subplots.  You do not know what is next for Madison, Gaby, Kate, or Carmen...and especially Luke! But I do not want to give all of that away!  

I will tell you Kate was my fave!  And yes, I am being a bit bias.  Her character hails from Columbus, references to High Street...and even misses that mid-western boy from HS!  Something about her just made me think "I like this girl!" 

If you like Hollywood, the limelight, and reading about what really happens on west coast...pick it up! Check out Lauren's website as she does live chats and book club meetings too! Thanks Lauren from a glimpse into the Hollywood lifestyle (according to Trevor Lord at least)! ;)
That's....just what jess is up to! :)


  1. you and your blog are stunning!
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  2. thank you so much! Yes we definitely can follow each other! I am signing up now!