Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lil' Umbrellas Aren't Just for Your Drinks!

You all have been to a cute summer themed party or a luau of some sort...yes?  Upon your arrival, you were probably handed a pretty glass with a delicious drink to cool you down...decorated with one of those colorful, paper umbrellas! You know the ones I am talking about right?  

Well...Spring and Summer are definitely in bloom around here, so I decided to put those umbrellas to work, but not in my drink this time...on my wreath for the front door.  This is my second quick, easy, and painless craft to spruce up your warm weather decor!

Once again, found originally on Pinterest...I found this must do craft on Family Chic!
All you need this time is a styrofoam wreath and small umbrellas (party decor).  I chose to buy some ribbon to cover the side of the wreath so I didn't have to over do it with the umbrellas.  The blog where I found this idea used a wicker wreath, but I chose to be money conscious and went with the styrofoam, but both would work!

Supplies all bought at Hobbly Lobby! Total cost less than $10!
 First I took my hot glue gun and covered the outside rim of the wreath. This was a very easy process.
 Next you just open up your small umbrellas and begin to push them into the wreath.  Be sure to overlap them so none of the base shoes through.  I also cut some of the stick off, so they would not be sticking out from the wreath with too much space.

 This process didn't even take 10 minutes!  Talk about a fast craft!

Last but not least, I attached more yellow ribbon to the back of the wreath and created a loop to hang it from.  It is instantly ready to be hung, no wait time required!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

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