Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lil' Umbrellas Aren't Just for Your Drinks!

You all have been to a cute summer themed party or a luau of some sort...yes?  Upon your arrival, you were probably handed a pretty glass with a delicious drink to cool you down...decorated with one of those colorful, paper umbrellas! You know the ones I am talking about right?  

Well...Spring and Summer are definitely in bloom around here, so I decided to put those umbrellas to work, but not in my drink this time...on my wreath for the front door.  This is my second quick, easy, and painless craft to spruce up your warm weather decor!

Once again, found originally on Pinterest...I found this must do craft on Family Chic!
All you need this time is a styrofoam wreath and small umbrellas (party decor).  I chose to buy some ribbon to cover the side of the wreath so I didn't have to over do it with the umbrellas.  The blog where I found this idea used a wicker wreath, but I chose to be money conscious and went with the styrofoam, but both would work!

Supplies all bought at Hobbly Lobby! Total cost less than $10!
 First I took my hot glue gun and covered the outside rim of the wreath. This was a very easy process.
 Next you just open up your small umbrellas and begin to push them into the wreath.  Be sure to overlap them so none of the base shoes through.  I also cut some of the stick off, so they would not be sticking out from the wreath with too much space.

 This process didn't even take 10 minutes!  Talk about a fast craft!

Last but not least, I attached more yellow ribbon to the back of the wreath and created a loop to hang it from.  It is instantly ready to be hung, no wait time required!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

Take a Peep at my center piece!

This blog post should reaffirm all doubt that YES in fact crafts can be quick, easy, and painless! :)  As you can see March is nearly over, I think I am cutting close by 3 days..oops! But my friend Jamie keeps pushing me to make this resolution last longer than my last--so I have got to make it to at least July!  

You will not be surprised that this craft was inspired by a pin from Pinterest!  And I do not exaggerate when I say it is really easy!  So let's get started on this simple Easter-ish center piece!

My first stop was to my favorite store--Hobby Lobby.  There I bought a rectangle vase--I really wanted a square one, but I had to settle for the rectangle!  I also needed some fake flowers and this is what took the majority of my time in the store.  I could not decide on what to get.  I finally decided on some gerber daisies.  I bought a bundle of them to make sure I would have plenty to make my vase look full.  And lastly, I bought a small rectangle shaped styrofoam green thing (not sure what the proper term is here) to hold my flowers in place.  Next I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some Peeps (I chose yellow bunnies) and some jelly beans (I chose multi-colored)!

Here are all of the supplies you will need! I spent about $12 dollars on everything!
 Next I needed to do some informal measuring.  You want there to be enough room for the styrofoam and the peeps so my green thing had to be cut. Don't be afraid that I used that big of a knife! See below!

Use the adhesive to secure the green styrofoam to the bottom of your vase!
 Once you have secured the styrofoam to the bottom on the vase, open up on your jelly beans.  Try not to eat too many, you want to fill the space around the styrofoam so it does not show.  I left some space as you can see below because my Peeps were going to go in next!

Now you are ready to place your Peeps in their new home.  I was able to put four of them on the front and back, making the total of eight Peeps...and one on each side, making the total of two Peeps.  In all I used ten Peeps!

As if the Peeps and the jellies are not cute enough it was time to position the flowers on the top!  I ended up using all of the flowers in my bundle as I thought it really filled it well!
I did have to see hedge trimmers to cut them apart--which unlike the big knife was a little bit scary!

And...there you have it... a very cute, Easter themed center piece for your table! :)

And end up with some Peeps and jellies to spare...which make a yummy snack!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shoes are my weakness, so let's organize 'em!

This is not a craft post.  You have been forewarned.

A little over a month ago, my friend sent me a text message with her new organizational method for her shoes.  As soon as I saw what she had decided to create in her guest bedroom's closet, I knew I had found a new mission.  I instantly grilled Shannon on where to buy the supplies she had used.  I found myself looking for a cube organizer by ClosetMaid.  I looked at Walmart without any luck...and decided I would go to Target the next.  However, my mom and I stopped at the grocery store on our way home, and WAHLAH!  There in the middle of a random Valentine's aisle sat some ClosetMaid cube storage! I was slightly excited--more so when I found out that instead of being over $40--they were on sale for $15! :) Double bonus, I will buy two thank you!


Here it is put together and doing its job--organizing!

So with the decision that I was following Shannon--as my inspiration and guide to better organization--I kept saying, "This weekend is organization weekend!"  Believe it or not, while I was super excited to embark on this task, I didn't find a whole lot of motivation to... C L E A N! :(  However, I knew I had to pick a weekend, because she said it was "life changing!"  See below for a picture of Shannon's shoe closet!

So after three weekends on the road, I decided that today was THE day.  Starting bright and early at 8:30am, I began to pitch unnecessary  items, donate decent items to GoodWill, and of course gave some things to Henry to chew on for a bit.  This task (while I know will be worth it) was like a full day of work.  I did not stop until 4pm!

So here is what I was dealing with before...

As you an see my closet was a mess.  I mean who was I kidding? I have no idea how I even found my clothes, shoes, purses, accessories.  But I guess it worked as best as it could, as I did make myself presentable each day.  However, with staring at this every day, I knew I was like a little girl...struggling to get out of the plastic storage days of college.  Don't get me wrong, I would go back to OU in a heart beat, but I needed an "adult"  closet.  I see all of these beautiful displays on Pinterest each day.  I am not totally convinced that those pictures are of REAL people's closets and not a catalog picture from The Container Store, but I digress.  I just knew I needed help.  And thanks to Shannon I was headed in the right direction!

So after hours of hard work..and me being exhausted writing this will see my new shoe closet.  Where are my clothes you may wonder?  I moved all of them into the guest bedroom's closet.  I definitely now consider my fashion world organized.

Shoes are aligned together by type of shoe or brand of show.  I am a tad weird when it comes to organization.

In my standing shelving unit (already in closet previously) I bought ClosetMaid fabric drawers to hold accessories (scarves, hats, belts, socks, etc.)  I even had an extra tall shelf for my Vera Bradley belongings!  Purses are also able to be hanging--easier to pick out what you want...and on display too!

I had to instagram it! I am proud!

And again!
So there you have it. My new closet. :) I must say I like it already and all I have done is look at it! Haha!  So what has you moving this weekend? I am ready to crash!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)