Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Anticipation :)

Hello all! I hope I do not find you disappointed but this is not a craft post!  It is a planning of an entire craft weekend post!  On Saturday I am traveling three hours away to see my friend, whom I love to call, Jamie G!  
We like to have a little fun if you can't tell! :)
We are meeting at her fiance's parents' house and hope to find some girl time and craft time.  We have been planning and planning what kind of crafts we will create.  You know the feeling when you are starving and you want a little bit of everything off the menu.  Right when it arrives, you have drank one Diet Coke and nibbled on an appetizer and BOOM you are not hungry anymore... Well I really hope that does not happen to us!

We are planning on making my mom and Jamie Magnetic Make-up Boards, creating Jamie the earring display, t-shirt scarves (with the help of Chayson's mom and her sewing machine), pom-pom pens, and more polymer clay bracelets.  I hope that our eyes are not bigger than our energy levels because I find all of this crafting pretty therapeutic and think this can GUARANTEE a relaxing weekend.

This time last week I was worried I was going to fail my NYE resolution yet again this year.  I had not yet crafted and wasn't sure I had it in me...and because Jamie is my unofficial PR person and my biggest supporter, I think I will just be fine.  So definitely check back in and read about our weekend--it will probably be a LONG post...with perhaps, just perhaps a guest blog entry! (Whoop Whoop!)

Also I had been asked to keep my friends posted on my finds on Etsy.  If you have not discovered Etsy...seriously GO! Right now! Go! You should not wait any longer. I have now ordered from four different shops and have not been let down yet.  So I wanted to give a shout out! I have already shared my leg warmers and boot socks from Grace and Lace.  I even shared my head wrap from The Yarnival.  But I did not share my wool cowl from The Yarnival that I adore!

It fits perfectly, yet slouchy and has the most adorable flower accent.  This mother and daughter duo will definitely be getting my return business.

Next up you ask? Boot buffers?  What is that?  Like I said before I had ordered the leg warmers and boot socks, but because it has not been the coldest winter, I would be pretty warm wearing them under my boots.  Well this little shop has the answer for you!  They are boot cuffs essentially...they just peek out of the top of your boot.  Very cute and do not make your legs sweat! I ordered charcoal grey! Check out these super cute red ones!
Last but NOT least is the Three Birds Nest! Alicia makes super cute headbands, head wraps, scarves, earrings, leg warmers, etc.  I decided on a head wrap to order and received a really cute product. I do not have a picture of myself in it yet, but here is a picture of her wearing it!

It looked super cute on too! It is no longer for sale, but go check out her items in the shop!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

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  1. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special! The picture isn't very flattering but, it may be an appropriate representation of us.