Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hey, I love that...but where do I put it?

When I sit around my friends, I often find myself not being able to add to the conversation.  Not in a bad, oh look at me I am miserable way.  But when you do not have  husband or children to add to the like conversation it can get (sorry to say) a tad boring.  I mean there is only so much I can say about my chubby, wrinkly, cuter than anything dog Henry! Haha, so what did I find myself talking on and on about on Friday at dinner with the crafts! :)
Henry turned ONE last weekend! :)

So anyway, I realized on Friday night that a) I am a tad lame because I found myself talking about crafts but also b) I had not crafted yet in February. I was on a roll in January and then I hit a I didn't have anything on my plate this weekend (other than to clean out my closet, which didn't happen) so I made the decision, I was going to create the magnetic make-up board that I had found on, no guesses needed here, PINTEREST!

This is the original inspiration, found on Laura Thoughts!
A few weeks ago, I was at a friend's wedding reception open house and I was talking, yet again, about my crafting ventures. I had mentioned that I was on the hunt for a larger, older picture frame that I was going to turn into a magnetic board.  With a blink of an eye, she appears from her garage with not one, but two of said frames that had not been a top seller in her garage sale last summer!  I was lucky because the ones I was finding on-line that caught my eye were around $30-40.  So she said I could have them, if I would make her one too! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

I did experience some minor anxiety with this craft though because it required me going to...Lowe's!  I have an abnormal hatred towards to the store.  I do not know why really.  I mean once I am there and get an employee to help me, I am fine.  Not to mention that I have survived many, many trips into the store.  But I always feel the same way.  My mom and I went there yesterday and I had decided to bring the cardboard backing from the frames to help show what I needed.  It measured 16x20 and I needed a magnetic base.  At first, my trusty Lowe's employee, Josh tried to talk me into using magnetic paint.  I understand the idea behind this, but when I asked how strong it was...he did not have an answer.  So as a little trio, we decided that I did need a sheet of metal.  Which is where the scary part was too big and they were not allowed to cut it for me.  So I am now a proud owner of a pair of metal sheers, whoop whoop!  Because I am making two of these boards, my grand total at Lowe's was $18.  

On to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby!  Jamie, my friend, had decided that she wanted a color combo of black and teal. For me, I was keeping with the melon colors...both of our decisions were made to match our bathrooms!  I found the perfect acrylic paints (Calypso Sky for her and Summer Peach for me), fabric pieces for both of us, spray adhesive for the fabric and I left HL ready to go!  Until I remembered, I needed magnets for my make-up so I ran into JoAnn Fabrics and grabbed "super strong" magnets to use!  Between HL and JF I spent another $15 (the magnets were the most expensive).  

I started with one coat of the white color that I had from the earring holder I had made before.  
I used one coat of FolkArt Vintage White acrylic paint, number 515.

See below for pictures of both sets of colors, fabrics, and paints!

For Jamie's board.

For my board.
Next step? You need to apply two coats of the paint color you have chosen!  I chose to do these last night so they had plenty of time to dry. And of course, because when I put them together I wanted all parts to be done and ready to go!

 Next up?  To use those pretty intimidating metal sheers!  Which I have to admit, it did not turn out to be hard at all.  It was like using scissors, pliers, and shrub sheers all in one! :)
This was the best size that they could sell me.  I ended up having a 1/3 of it leftover, for future projects!

I used the cardboard backing from the frame to measure it out perfectly!

Intimidating right? haha I just traced a line with a pencil and then cut away!

How do you get the fabric to cover the metal nicely and effectively? I chose to use Tacky Spray, an all-purpose permanent spray adhesive.
From here on out, everything was easy! I sprayed each piece of metal with the Tacky Spray and then cautiously placed the fabric on top of it.  It required 30 minutes of drying time, so after it was set, I then used a hot glue gun and secured the remaining fabric to the back of the metal.

While that was drying, I then used the magnets and hot glue gun and secured my make up to the magnets so they could eventually be placed on the board. 

Squeeze a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of the make up container.

Small amount of hot glue.

Place the magnet on top of the hot glue.

And you are ready to go!
I put more magnets on the back of my make up containers that were bigger in size, or heavier in weight so they would not fall off the board.

Time to put the final products together. 
I just used the brackets on the back of the frame to hold the metal/fabric in place.  The peach frame only had two brackets so I did have to reinforce it with some tape.  But for now (fingers crossed) it seemed to have worked!  
Jamie's board.

My board.
Last but not least, add your make up and hang it up in your bathroom! I love it.

The only thing I plan to add is a make up brush holder.  Laura Thoughts used an old pill bottle which she spray painted and magnetized.  So I think that will be coming soon! I will add a picture or two when I get that accomplished!

If you decide to embark on this craft, please send me a picture. I would love to see some more finished products.  I know I will be making at least two more! I finally caught my mom's attention and she wants one.  I am also spending next weekend with my friend Jamie (not who I already made one for) and we are planning on crafting the weekend up! So I definitely can say this was worth the time, money and I cannot wait to make more!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

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