Friday, January 6, 2012


Do you know that song by 50 Cent? I don't know what you heard about me...But I am a (I edit his language) P.I.M.P! Well I decided to change his meaning of P.I.M.P. to reflect my latest craft challenge.  As I mentioned last time, I had a month to make my second January craft...who was I kidding!?  All week (at work, in the car, at home, grocery shopping) I was constantly on Pinterest browsing and just my brain was spinning...thinking..."What can I make next?" Ironically, I knew I was too excited as Thursday night when I ventured out in the 22 degree weather to Hobby Lobby, I did not just buy materials for one craft, but for FOUR!  I hope I stay this motivated...who knows maybe I will get all four completed in January!  Staying true to my goal (Stay thrifty, don't go broke being a craftswoman) I only spent $25!

Anyways, back to my reference of 50 cent...I decided that P.I.M.P. shall stand for...(drumroll please)....

Which leads me to my latest craft that I again found rummaging through the many pins on Pinterest.  Craft and Creativity posted a blog on how to "pimp" your earphones.  They weren't actually going for a pimpin' look....they actually wanted a way to keep the Apple earphones from tangling up everyday when you stash them away in your purse, bag, pocket, drawer, etc.  

A picture from Craft and Creativity's Blog entry of the PIMPED earphones. Cute, right?
Once I made the decision that these were going to become a part of my iPhone attire, I had to have a second thought.  About three lovely weeks after I got my iPhone, Henry (who was 3 months old at the time) had eaten my earphones.  Since then, I have been earphone-less.  Enter my good friend, who just got a new iPhone and graciously said he would not use them and donated them to my crafty New Year's Resolution cause {thank you!!! :)}.  After my trip to HL and the donation made to my cause, I was ready to create.  

What to buy:
  • hama beads (I have to admit, I had a hard time deciding which color of beads to buy!)
  • X-acto knife (I bought a pretty, pink one!)
  • earphones (I had the standard Apple phones that accompany the iPhone!)
  • cutting board (I found it useful, borderline necessary to protect my kitchen table from my pretty pink X-acto knife!)

[Like I said, it was hard to pick my colors, so I went with the multi-colored pack!]
The process is simple, but it is definitely time consuming.  I will be completely honest with you all (my 4 readers, hee hee) it took me 3 hours to complete the left and right sides of the wires.  The middle part is the same length as both of those together, so that is another 3 hours.  I had to take a day break because of the pain I was experiencing in my thumb nail.  Which brings me to my biggest tip, have a thumb mail to complete this tricky craft.

You take your hama  bead and slice it down the side with your x-acto knife.  Next take your thumb nail and separate the two sides and then snap it on to your wire of your earphones.  

It wasn't until the 10th bead that I successfully latched on the wire that I felt confident in my skill (not my pace)...therefore, I turned on the most recent Grey's Anatomy episode!  So maybe my speed was due to paying attention to one of my favorite shows. :)  However, I am happy with the end result.  See my pics below! :)

[This is just from the mouth piece up...this took about a half hour!]

[I had a small celebration when I had one side completed!!]
After all the hard work..I reveal my P.I.M.P. earphones! I will be trying these out tomorrow as I drive to Akron to see my dear friend from OU! Call me, then you will know what I am talking on, lol!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)


  1. Jessi, I just finished reading the entire blog from left to right, top to bottom and I am excited about it! I have a great tool to keep track of you while I am away and love the direction you have taken....crafting! The funny thing is, Sharon & I were moaning about how earphones are such a pain to separate, especially when 2 sets are together!! Your Christmas wreath was cute as can be and the Valentine heart wreath is very "Crate & Barrel-ish"...I am impressed! Can't wait to see what is next!

  2. @ann thanks so much, you are right while you are enjoying your "second" home you will be able to keep up with me! thanks for the kind words too! if you need your earbuds PIMPed let me know ;)