Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions...purpose?

So every year, we all sit around and think about what we need to change about ourselves or lives.  Why is it important? I mean I guess no one can be perfect, can they? But to be expected to change a particular part of yourself or life seems I don't a tad demanding....just me!

And so it is January 2nd and I am sitting here thinking man I still don't have that ONE thing picked out that I will be changing about me.  So I started to think about the past...I think the most successful New Year's Resolution was three years ago. I vowed to send a birthday card in the mail to all family and friends (ON TIME)!  I made it until June before I just didn't keep up with it.  But in the long run, six months is my best effort yet.  And hey, 30 years in...who says I can't beat that record now!

So I have spent the last four hours scrolling through pages and pages of blogs and pictures...between beautylish and pinterest! And I have had my come to the light moment, I know what my resolution SHALL be.  In the year 2012 (sung in the voice Conan O'Brien uses for his skits, and if you don't it!).... I will be more CRAFTY! Yep, I said it. I am going to VOW to partake in at least two craft making sessions a month. Woah nelly, that is a lot to commit to since I own hundreds of dollars of scrapbooking materials and yet never sit down to create a page, let alone a book! I guess a side resolution stems from this too. I just started this blog, not too sure anyone will read it...but I will use it to journal about my craftiness! :)

I am not just diving head first into the world of crafts.  I started my love for this a couple months ago.  My friend, Danielle, came to visit in my hometown (which does not lend itself to a whole lot to do).  I conned her into visiting the local Hobby Lobby to find a Christmas craft.  Now it was not Christmas time, but thankfully the stores believe in stocking their shelves as early as October! ;) So I gathered as many supplies as my two arms could hold (trust me, they were overflowing) and began my Christmas Craft...aka pretty pretty wreath.  I used a pre-made wreath made of garland, bought bright colored bell ornaments, and a central focus ornament that looked "snowman-ish".  To top it off, I even got my first glue gun.  

These were my supplies.  I even laid down newspaper on my kitchen table to prevent a mess!   Now about an hour later and one very painful glue gun burn (ouch!) I was left with this finished product!
For my first go around, I thought it turned out pretty nice.  It hung on my door for a good solid two months...actually I just took it down today, even though I was reluctant to say good-bye to the holiday season and even more reluctant to accept that winter break has come to an end. Hey and maybe she will be right...we may hit the bazaar world by storm next winter!

So really that about sums it up! I have made a page full of ideas (12 to be exact) and if I stick to my resolution, it will only take me until June to get those under way!  Wish me to the craft store I go tomorrow! :)

Up first a Valentine's themed wreath for the front door!

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

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