Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Want a Scarf... that Loops the Loop!

Not sure about you girls, but I love me some infinity scarves!  I used to just love a nice scarf to accent my coat...and then slowing I began (I would say like 3 years ago) to pair a cutesy scarf with an outfit.  Most times I could make it through the day without taking the scarf off! (That was an accomplishment!)

Last year though when my cousin got me my first infinity scarf, I was hooked.  She got me the perfect gray one from "fever" a line that Macy's carries.  I LOVE this scarf and thus began my love affair with the scarf that can perfectly shape itself around your neck and accent your outfit from morning to night!
[excuse my non-make up-ed face...I just wanted to show the scarf off, as it is my fave!]

This year I was counting down the months for it to be scarf time again.  And I even expanded my infinity scarf collection by visiting Express.  Check out the super cute ones they carry...and a lot of the times they will have a buy one get one 50% sale! Like right now!!

I have this one which I wear all of the can you not love a grey sparkly scarf? 
And I also got this one in magenta...which it seems they do not carry anymore!

Anyhoo...let me back to the topic at did I turn this into a craft?  Well I am a regular reader of the The Small Things blog (Kate is her name) and I found a post where he made a SUPER easy way to take your everyday regular scarf and turn it into an infinity scarf!  Check her blog with directions!

What you need:
  • a scarf with strings at each end 
  • scissors
  • a neck :)
Cost: FREE!!

So the other night, while I watched PLL (Pretty Little Liars) I decided to use two old scarves and see what happened.  Both scarves came from Forever 21 (like YEARS ago)  and at that time did not even cost me 10 bucks!
I tried it first with this brown (yes, it looks gray) scarf. It is not very full so it did not take long at all, max 5 minutes.  You need to lay the scarf flat, matching the ends up like in picture 1...and then you simply tie together the strands of yarn (picture 2 is all of them tied together).  Last steps...cut off the extra length and you are ready for wear, picture 3.  I wear the area that is tied on the back of my neck so my hair covers it up!
This was my second go at it...this one was a little "fuller" (no pun intended) and probably took me 15 minutes!  I went through the same steps...but took more pictures so you can see exactly what I did!

Now that I know for sure that it is in fact as simple as those steps...I think I will not hesitate when I am shopping to expand my collection...because even if it is not an infinity to begin can QUICKLY become one! :)

That's....just what jess is up to! :)

PS--thank you for those who made the brave decision to "follow" me or "subscribe" to me! I appreciate it greatly! If I ever bore you... please do not let me know! LOL

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  1. Check out this fancy scarf project. Looks like it would be right up your alley.